Game Review: Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting - Online Flash GameDeer Hunting is a very simple online game and I mean simple.  The graphics are a bit cheesy, as the deer don't actually have any movement with their legs.  Instead they float across the screen and they do so always from right to left.  At first glance this game seems pretty awful, but it can actually be quite addicting!

 Some of the fun parts about Deer Hunting are that you have unlimited ammo.  This is always a plus as it can get frustrating sometimes when you are limited in the amount you can shoot.  Sure it makes it a bit more unrealistic, but if you wanted realistic, you'd actually go out hunting!  The other fun part about the game is the fact that when you do shoot a deer, no matter where you shoot it, it will just explode into a bunch of pieces with a giant blood splatter.  This is the key to the fun behind this game as it's pretty violent and will satisfy any bloodlust.

As for the gameplay, it keeps things simple.  Each round you have a minimum number of deer that you need to shoot and a certain amount that you are allowed to miss.  As the game progresses the deer to shoot will increase and the number you are allowed to miss decrease.  The game ends if you miss too many deer.

Like I said, not the greatest game in the world, but certainly not the worst.  Deer Hunting is a perfect game if you just want to kill some time and have a little fun while doing so.

Review: Bag A Monster Buck

Bag A Monster Buck Hunting Game

Grab your double barreled shotgun, head out to the country and get ready to shoot some deer.  Play Bag A Monster Buck, a fun deer hunting game where you play level after level hunting as many deer and whitetails as you can.

In Bag A Monster Buck, you will head out to various hunting locations.  Whether it's a snowy field in Montana or a tree filled forest in Pennsylvania, this game takes you to all of the best North American hunting regions to shoot some deer.  After each levle, you will need to shoot a certain amount of deer in order to move on to the next level.  If you don't reach your hunting quota the game will be over.  Points are scored for every deer you hunt and you will also have your shooting accuracy shown at the end of each level.

There are not a lot of complaints with this game.  The game play is really a lot of fun.  The music track features a soft and soothing acoustic guitar that puts you in the perfect mind frame for hunting and the graphics are fairly good.

Complaints for this game though are the crappy style of graphics for the deer you hunt.  The deer don't run or trot across the game screen, but instead just sort of move along like they are on some sort of railroad track.  But the hunting itself is rather fun and Bag A Monster Buck gives you plenty of deer to shoot at.  The other problem with the deer is that they simply vanish after being shot.  

But with those complaints aside, Bag A Monster Buck is a really entertaining hunting game to play.  Grab your friends and play against them and find out who the best hunter is.

Review: Duck Chase

Online Hunting Game Duck ChaseIf you are looking for a simple game that has a classic arcade style gameplay, try your hand at Duck ChaseDuck Chase is an online game where instead of hunting the duck, you must protect him.  A cute little duck will be swimming along the screen and will be chased by countless crocodiles.  It's your mission to save the duck and shoot all the crocodiles. 

The fun part about this game is how easy and simple it is.  There is no score, no bullets and no frills.  You just click your mouse on the attacking crocodiles to shoot them.  if one of them touches the duck, the game is over.  Simple right?

Not the best game by any stretch, but a fun little game to play.  Give it a try today and see what you think.

Review: Jungle Duck Hunt

Online Game Jungle Duck HuntJungle Duck Hunt is a flash game variation of Duck Hunt, but with a few twists.  For starters, the game takes place in a serene Jungle setting.  As well, instead of stages where 1 or 2 ducks may appear, this game instead just has a bevy of ducks flying EVERYWHERE!

Thats part of what makes Jungle Duck Hunt so much fun.  Everywhere you look ducks are just flying around.  The thing is, you only have a limited amount of ammunition so you have to make your shots count!

Be sure to try and shoot as many of the ducks flying in an upwards pattern as they are worth the most amount of points.  As well faster ducks are also worth a good amount of points.  The game will just keep going until either time runs out or you run out of bullets, whichever comes first.

Things that are fun about this game are that there are just so many ducks to shoot.  It really is a hunters dream.  The only problem is that there is no way of gaining additional ammo so the game is kind of limited.

It's a really fun game though and worth some plays.  So find out for yourself and challenge your friends for a high score in Jungle Duck Hunt.

Review: Hunting Contest

Online Game Hunting ContestPlay Hunting Contest online.  This is not your standard hunting game, but is more of a ridiculous shooting gallery!  Let me be clear, there is absolutely zero realism in this game.

Hunting Contest is an extremely addicting, extremely gory, shoot em up hunting game.  And I mean IT'S GORY!  The screen will move slowly to the right revealing all sorts of cute and cuddly forest creatures.  You'll see rabbits, pigs, deer, ducks and other animals and all you need to do is shoot freely at them.  Every time you shoot an animal, it will result in blood and missing body pieces.  I told you, it's a violent hunting game.  You'll find out for yourself after you blow a rabbits head clean off and blood splatters across your game screen.

There are tons of power ups and weapon upgrades in this game and you get to hunt with everything from a rifle to an Uzi and even an assault rifle.  Hunt as many as you can and just watch the blood explode everywhere.  Accuracy and kill streaks will get you even more points in this video game.

Try it out for yourself and get hunting.  You'll have fun for hours.  It's not the most real hunting game we have here, but it's one of the most fun and definitely the most violent. You won't be disappointed. Definitely not for the faint of heart.  Enjoy.

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